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But what if told you there is a simple tool to arose these feelings ever faster? This is called the “Colors System”

Scientists and psychologists have discovered that a combination of 2 colors only, will send a perfectly designed message in a shape of a specific feeling to the subject’s mind and pursue it into action.

Yes, 2 colors, not 1  and not more than 2. but there are hundreds of color combination out there right? feelings though, are more limited in numbers, so keep up we are going to go through some of the strongest examples in the Colors System Some are stronger some are lighter but those who do – work perfectly and consistently if used right.

The secret in using the Colors System is: first of all design you special message, then choose a specific feeling that will create the perfect resting ground for that message to sink into the subject’s mind, then. And only then, choose the right colors combination

To use the colors system right they must be a strong guideline for the entire design of the campaign

It is known to most of us, even with a small marketing experience, that different colors affect the mind differently and by knowing how each color affects our subject’s mind it would be pretty easy to send a targeted message to the subject’s mind

The main reasons the colors affect our minds is because they are related to feelings.

Now if you have a little bit more than the average experience in marketing, then you should know that more than 50% of the human mind decision making mechanism is based upon feelings, but using one color to try and arose a feeling is never enough you must use it in a perfect balance between text, image, color and shape to arose that specific feeling your subject’s mind, a feeling which will cause a chain of events that will eventually lead the client to become a customer

Bear in mind that the color system on itself is worthless you must use other methods, formulas and systems in your campaigns and funnels otherwise you will get 0 results, scroll down for more methods and tools

For your convenience here are some notable examples of additional color combinations

For example let’s take the color combination: Green & White?

What does that symbolizes most to you? Think about it for a second

The feelings that, that specific color combination arose are: Security, Listening, Safety

Where does this color combination of green and white comes best? The dollar Bill obviously

Can you see it? Can you feel what it symbolizes to you?

Let’s continue to an even stronger combination:

Black and yellow, that specific combination creates a “Buying Pressure” in the subject’s mind, we usually see that combination in sales ads and market places like Amazon for instance, the buying pressure method is also used in one of traffic wizard’s funnels, you may take a look at in the Wizard’s Journal page


Ever noticed the price tag: 97€ / 99€ Ever wandered why? Sure there is a known assumption that says that round numbers scare people and the assumption is correct, but not fully correct

Little that you know large numbers in close proximity are even scarier, for instance whether you use the number 99 or 100 it has the same effect on the subject’s subconscious.

The real masters of the industry use special numbers that effect in the best possible way on the subject’s mind and persuade him into engagement or making a purchase

“So what? 97? Do I get the convenient numbers formula now?”

Well… not quite. 97 is a great example but it doesn’t end there. You can not count on using only the number 97 is each and every product or service you are selling right?

The following numbers in the serie of convenient numbers is as follows

112, 134, 167,198,249, 319,437,542,656,765,879,982

If you stick to those numbers you are guaranteed to have a far better conversion rate

The formula doesn’t end there, in some areas you may want to delete a fake number in order to present a discount or a special price tag. Yes, I know it’s fake, but sometimes it is either overpriced and therefore being ignored or sometimes the deleted price is to low and therefore does not achieve it’s goal of highlighting the discounted price.

The most accurate deleted price tag that will get you the best engagement rate possible is exactly 23% (rounded up) difference

For example if I would like to use a deleted price tag for the price 97€ I will use either




The last part of the convenient numbers formula is the use of 2-4 possible choices

Of course all customers choices are great when they make a purchase, but there must always be one price that has maximum profit to you and maximum gain for the customer.

The hard part is choosing the best option, but when you do, all you have to do is highlight the best option, put in the middle and use a convenient number on it’s price tag. On the other option use an inconvenient number on purpose, for example

300, 437, 600

Of course the number formula is not enough for a perfect campaign or funnel with the highest possible conversion rate, but it ads that little touch that makes all the difference

To be truly a master in this industry you must use additional tools, formulas, systems and methods to create the perfect funnels and campaigns, are you ready for the last tool I could teach you? Then brace yourself

Advanced Persuasion Process

Those who understand the basics of sales, know that in every sales pitch there is a 30% focus on what you say and 70% on how you say it, But how can you use that formula in marketing as well? that’s where the advanced persuasion process comes in, and it’s very simple really,

It’s 30% information and 70% tools and methods used to deliver that information to the client. Now, here comes the tricky part, It’s the most important part of the marketing process and the most difficult to use. You don’t expect it to be easy right? if it was that easy everyone would have used it and like you probably realize by now, whichever method being used to much – stops working perfectly.

 The Advanced Persuasion, which is also called the complex persuasion, is divided into 3 different approaches: Negative, Positive and Respectful

The Negative Persuasion approach plants a negative reference to your campaign, the subject will feel a certain amount of aversion to the idea you present on the campaign and funnel at start and will slowly decrease in the process. The most important thing using this approach is never to exaggerate, always keep a high level of interest and the most important part – suggest a different course of action by using your product or service.

The negative approach can be generated using 4 different elements

Luxurious Lifestyle

Competitive looks

Degrading personal status

Relaxing and welcoming environment

By using those 4 elements you may create a moderated, yet controlled, negative empathy to the idea you are presenting, miss use of the 4 elements has a devastating effect on your funnels and campaigns, so use it at your own risk!

The Positive Persuasion approach plants a positive sympathy reference to your campaign, the subject will feel a certain attraction and welcoming feeling by the idea you present on the campaign and funnel.

The most important thing using this approach is to exaggerate, always keep a steady level of interest and the most important part: suggest a course of action that acts as accurately as possible to the subject’s wills and wishes in the best possible way by using your product or service.

The positive approach can be generated using 5 different elements

Social proof

Making the subject feel special

Detailed information

Buying pressure and time limits

General integrity and transparency

By using those 5 elements you may create a self sustained stream of easy to sell to clients

You can only use the positive approach on B2B, Real Investments, education and non-profit

The Respectful Persuasion approach plants a kind of cult of character in the subject’s mind. The respectful approach is usually used by mentors, political figures and is implanted by using one individual person that stands above the rest, in the middle of the campaign or funnel. To get the best example of use of the respectful approach have a look through the traffic wizard’s website

Throughout the whole website you may feel being approached directly by using the words: You, I, I’m, the “…” and more. The respectful approach grants the subject a feeling of being fully respected and intimately approached, it also gives the person in the middle a high status level that stands above the rest.

The secret in using this approach is to turn the whole copywriting style to a more personal one, let it be seen as being written by the person that stands in the middle himself. By using this approach you are giving the client the ultimate feeling of respect and appreciation

The secret of mastering the advanced persuasion process is to use all of it in one website, funnel and campaign, the hard part is deciding what comes where.

In time you will understand how to use each of the approaches and eventually you too can become a wizard of witchcraft and traffic, but for now, you can do very well with Traffic Wizard

It’s never enough to use one method or tool, the secret to a high conversion rate lays in the combination of knowledge and tools to create the perfectly planned conversion machine.

Traffic wizard is using it’s long time experience working with those tools in order to create the best user experience for you and your potential future customers.

So you got that my knowledge is absolute and my experience gets the job done.

So if you are done wandering through the website, and done testing my abilities

It’s time to begin getting you those customers, are you Ready to be amazed?

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